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Re: Zip CD RW drive

> Hi everybody,
> has anyone had any success or failures using a Zip CD
> RW drive.  They have a portable model that connects
> through the USB port that looks interesting.
> thanks,
> Andy

most CDRW drives seem to be a lot happier if you load the 
applicable SCSI generic layer over them.  E.g. you have
a builtin CDRW?  modprobe ide-scsi

I haven't used the USB one, but a USB floppy was happy
after I loaded the USB "storage" module, which reported
SCSI linkup, and I was able to both read and write.  So 
that probably ought to be enough, but as I said, I've no 
personal experience with it.

Let us know if that does it for you.

* Heather Stern * star@ many places...

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