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Re: libc6 >=2.1.94

john gennard <joney@clara.co.uk> writes:

> Trying to install libmng_0.9.2-3.deb (from the command line)
> to satisfy a dependency of libqt2.2_2.2.1-4.potato.2_i386.deb 
> and progress on to KDE2, I get the following error:-
> 	libmng depends on libc6 (>=2.1.94)
> 	version of libc6 on system is 2.1.3-10
> I've checked the error message twice - it's definately 2.1.94.
> I can find no libc6 greater than 2.1.3-13.  Can anyone explain what is
> happening?			Thanks,	John.

Debian,  like  everything,  has   versions.  The  current  version  is
"potato", the previous one was  "slink", the next will be "woody". The
names "stable"  and "unstable"  are a symbolic  links to  "potato" and
"woody", respectively.  When woody  is released, the  "stable" symlink
will  point to  it. The  main benefit  of the  stable release  is, er,
stability. If you want some new functionality that isn't in the stable
release, look in unstable. 

Since it takes some time  to package software into debian packages and
so  on, the  current stable  release  of your  favourite software  may
actually be  in an unstable release of  Debian. 

It looks  here like you downloaded  a package from  "unstable" and are
trying to make it work  with a "stable" distribution. This is possible
but  not without  upgrading other  things (in  this case,  libc6), and
possibly breaking stuff. 

Hopefully you are using apt-get to download packages, it automates the
process of downloading .deb files manually and running dpkg or dselect
on them. 


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