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Re: Debian crashes: sw, hw or malicious hacker/virus problems?

>> On Mon, Oct 23, 2000 at 08:57:59AM +0200, Jean Orloff wrote:
>> > I have happily used debian since 1995 (0.93R6 if I recall?). But
>> > since I installed 2.1 on my new PC at work, about a year ago, that
>> > machine undergoes about a crash per month in average. Nothing to
>> > scare a windblows user, of course, but unbearable for someone who
>> > knows this should not be so. Especially as these crashes are
>> > unrecoverable: screen frozen, mouse/keyboard frozen (no vt
>> > switching nor clean reboot possible) and even no access from
>> > outside through the network. Thus no alternative to the brutal
>> > power switchoff, with subsequent fsck'ing of the whole disk.
>> > When does this happen? Always with a heavy load (2-3 users on a
>> > 128Mb pentium 400, each with several windows, netscape, emacs etc
>> > + some compilation or latex2html going on); always with at least
>> > one remote ssh login. I also sometimes had the impression of the
>> > mouse freezing temporarily before the total crash, but you know
>> > how short time causality can be violated in the human brain.
>I had exactly the same symptoms here (P-133, custom 2.2.17, potato,
>helix-gnome). Hasn't happened recently. Seems to have been a SW issue,
>and Bjoern is right. Or we're both hacked.

Hmm, I had exactly the same symptoms over last summer, turned out to be 
a temperature issue. Now that outside is back to below 20°C the problems 
gone, in the meantime I reduced CPU-temp by disabling the search for ET 
;) and backing down from 133 mhz to 60 mhz.

just my 2 cents worth,
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