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Re: Gnome: normal user, logout?

Gyulai Mihaly <gyulai@linuxfan.com> writes:

> > Do you get an error message when trying to log in as a user?
> No. The login accepts my user login, there appears a Gnome logo,
> and some icons are created...
> After that appears a 'Hint-box'. When I close it, _everything_ is
> cleared from the desktop, only the background remains... :(

That's really strange. Question: Had you installed Debian GNOME before
you installed Helix GNOME? If yes, try to 'rm ~/.gnome*'. There's a
big step between these two version, so, there could be some
incompatibilities in the configuration files.

> Therefore I tried to login as root (to see what happens), and
> everything works!

Ok. Try to start GNOME on the Linux console, perhaps you will get some
error messages on the console.  To do this, change to the console and
type 'startx gnome-session -- :1', which starts another x server. You
could also first stop your GNOME login manager with '/etc/init.d/gdm
stop' and just type 'startx gnome-session'.

> >> - how can I add other user to Gnome?
> > "to Gnome"? Users are added to the system, there is IMHO no special
> > procedure to let users log in to GNOME.
> So I can login to Gnome only as _root_ ? I can't believe...

No. Sure, you should be able to run GNOME with other users as well.

> >> - how can I stop Gnome? (it seems it always run after install...)
> > There should be a point "logout" in you GNOME panel.
> Sure, I already found it, but it puts me back to Gnome login...

Yes. What exactly do you want? Remove the login manager ("GDM")?

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