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Re: mutt's pager and 8 bit chars

On Wed, Nov 01, 2000 at 03:33:01PM +0100, Mirko Parthey wrote:
> Hi,
> I can't figure out how to make mutt's builtin pager
> display characters >= chr(128), e.g. German Umlauts (ÄÖÜßäöü),
> they are shown as question marks.
> Mutt's "charset" option is set to "iso-8859-1". For the headers,
> you can take this message as reference.
> After setting the "pager" option to "less", these characters are being
> displayed just fine, but I don't really want to use an external pager.
> Pine also has no problems displaying the message.
> Am I missing something obvious?

I have my LANG environment variable set to en_US and umlauts show up
just fine.  You might try setting yours to whatever is appropriate for
you.  I guess it would be something like de_DE.  Also, I had to choose
an iso-8859-1 font to use in my terminal, but since you say yours works
with less, you should be fine.

Good luck,

IF I HAD A MINE SHAFT, I don't think I would just abandon it.  There's
got to be a better way.
		-- Jack Handley, The New Mexican, 1988.

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