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Re: Proposal - simple textual wrapper for packages

A Debian dilemma.

Myself and other newbies, which come to Debian to learn how to run a
small and properly confined Linux, may be called 'iconographs'. That is
to say we don't know the underlying commando structure of what printing
implies in Linux - but give us an icon of a printer and we stop asking
questions and even get our job done.

I have found that Debian, in contrast to Mandrake, RedHat and SuSe
automatically starts or lets the user be met by a graphic user
interface. To me that means that you have said welcome to us newbies,
and accepted an easier approach.

The question is then, what is the next step. Surely you can't mean that
all newbies shall start with emacs or as you call it emacs20. Which I
learned when I tried apt-get remove emacs.

I understand that a server without an X-server, needs vi and/or emacs,
but you ought to be capable of collecting a nice little newbie starting
Debian. Based on mc and nedit, when we are talking editors.

This newbie base, or 'sapper' as I called it, could be the 'bus stop'
for the daunting experience of dselect (death select, for me many


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