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On Tue, Oct 31, 2000 at 05:44:06PM -0600, dude wrote: 

> I would like to confiugre my EXIM, but even after reading the docs,
> i still dont know what exactly to do.
> my set up is that i have an account at csoft.net where i log in to check
> my mail

Well, that has got nothing to do with exim. Exim is a MTA, it
*delievers* mail and doesn't fetch it.
To fetch mail use fetchmail ;) Configuring fetchmail is pretty
easy. Install it by apt-get (if it not installed already) and create a
file called ~/.fetchmailrc

poll your.mail.server proto POP3 user your.user password XXX

> what configuration would be best when setting up exim?

If you also want to deliever mail, then you should specify a so called
"smarthost" in your exim.conf - which is your ISP's SMTP-Server.

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