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Suddenly I need MEM= to lilo, why?

I've just discovered that after re-installing potato I now only have 64Mb
out of 256Mb unless I use MEM=256M.  VMWare was first to tell me, then I
noticed /proc/kcore was only 64Mb.  This is on a Supermicro P6DBS with dual
PIII 700s which has had several Linux flavours installed, including potato,
and till now has always recognised 256Mb.  While everything _seems_ to be
working after using the MEM= lilo append I'm worried as to why all of a
sudden the kernel needs to be told.

About the only difference I can see is that I now have LILO in the MBR,
whereas before I was booting LILO off NT's boot loader.  Could that somehow
make a difference?

I'm baffled.

Robin Collins

BTW, this is with 2.2.17 + international patch.

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