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Re: mount permissions

Use 'noauto' as an option in your fstab entry-- see man fstab .

On Fri, Oct 27, 2000 at 10:06:16PM -0700, Mr. Strockbine wrote:
> when my FAT32 file systems are mounted at
> boot time the owner and group are "root".
> As a regular user I can read files but not
> write them.
> I have the user option in my /etc/fstab file
> like so:
> /dev/hdc6  /matrox/mx6 vfat defaults,user 0 2
> so I can `umount' and then `remount' as a regular
> user and then I'm the owner and group and I have
> read write permission.
> so what's the point of having this file system
> automatically mounted at boot time?  Or is there
> another way around this?
> - greg s.
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