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Re: Upgrade from potato-frozen

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A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far way, someone said...

> Brian Clark wrote:
>  >Greetings,
>  >
>  >I just want someone to verify that I have this correct.
>  >
>  >I'm currently running potato-frozen from way-back-who-knows-when, and this
>  >thing needs a serious upgrade.
>  >
>  >To do that (which is much needed that this point) I just need to change
>  >every occurrence of the word frozen in /etc/apt/sources.list to potato,
>  >then do `apt-get update' then `apt-get dist-upgrade'. Right?

Yes, that's correct.

It's nice, ain't it :)

>  >I want to make sure this is correct because I sure don't have the time
>  >right now to do a complete install from scratch if this gets ^F up.
>  >
>  >By doing this, do you think I'm going to have any problems?
> I got no replies,

I can't speak for anyone else, but your original post didn't catch my eye.

> but if anyone is curious, I went ahead with it and everything
> *appears* to have gone fine.

As it should have.

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