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Re: Strange chat / pppd behaviour ... :O

  I tihnk there is a way to specify what should be returned as
connect/busy etc. strings, it can also be changed to numberic code. so
I'd check AT commands reference (should have come with modem) and set it
explicitly in init string


John Hasler wrote:
> Kristian Rink writes:
> > Especially this line in the logfile that I marked in the cut-out is
> > ***very*** suspicious to me, mainly because in the chatscripts I couldn't
> > find any command telling chat to there send the dialup command
> > again... :///
> That's just chat telling you that the modem echoed that line (as it
> should).  The next line looks like a banner from the other end so you must
> be connecting, but the modem does not seem to be sending 'CONNECT' as it
> should.  Chat is waiting for 'CONNECT': after awhile it gives up.
> You could edit the /etc/chatscripts files and replace 'CONNECT' with 'mediaWays',
> but it looks to me as if you've got a wonky modem.
> You could also try replacing 'ATZ' in the with an explicit init
> string. 'ATZ' just resets the modem to factory default.
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