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Re: fullscreen video playback

without proper video acceleration in X this is not
possible/reccomended. try using the double option in mpegtv and you'll see
what i mean. even on my p3-800 512MB with voodoo3 in 16bit doublesize in
mpegtv on a 30fps mpeg is pretty much unbearable. by comparison back in
1996 i had a #9 imagine 128 series 2 with p200. i could scale up to
1024x768 with 30fps playback no problem under the wreteched OS(about
60% CPU utilization. my machine now has easily 5x the horsepower and can't
come close to that ..

don't expect this to improve anytime soon. there are no real standards
that i've seen for hardware video scaling. seems most every video card
vendor has their own way to do it ..and of course that information is
pretty top secret for them ..

i think mpegtv's fullscreen mode is about as close as your gonna get if
you want high quality, good framerate playback.

by all means if you find a way to do this let me know ive been looking for
years to try to solve this problem and haven't seen a solution yet.

I *think* ATI recently released a media SDK(?) that allowed people to
develop for hardware video playback(maybe upwards of a year ago) on their
cards, haven't heard anything that has come of it yet though.


On Mon, 23 Oct 2000, matt garman wrote:

garman >
garman >Hello:
garman >
garman >Is there any way that I can play video on my Linux system in *fullscreen*
garman >mode?  By fullscreen, I mean that the images are scaled to the size of my
garman >entire screen.
garman >
garman >I have smpeg (plaympeg) version 0.4.0 and SDL version 1.1.5 as well as
garman >mtvp (MpegTV) version on my system.  They both advertise
garman >"fullscreen" but the result is not what I described above.  Rather than
garman >scaling the movie, the video is played back at the original size, but with
garman >a giant black border.  So my screen is wholly covered in black, but only
garman >about 1/10 of the screen is actually video.
garman >
garman >Is there another software package I need to install?  Or is this a
garman >limitation of my video hardware?  I have a Matrox Millenium I (the
garman >lowliest of the Milleniums I guess) with 4mb of (video) RAM.  My computer
garman >is a Pentium II 266 with 96mb of RAM.
garman >
garman >Thanks,
garman >Matt
garman >
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garman >	-- Jethro Tull, "Thick as a Brick"
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