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Re: how to upgrade from potato to woody

I'm upgrading from potato to woody.
I already did the following steps:
1) Downloaded Woody packages (just like libstdc++2.10, kde2...), and
installed it to run under potato.
2) Downloaded Woody Kernel-Source test5, and built bzImage, so I use
loadlin do boot it with a dos menu. In the dos menu, I can boot win, potato
or woody.

Am I in the right way? Say, can I build / in the same /dev/hda3 to both
Well, it *is* working, but I am worried about a few things.:
- isapnp.conf, for example. I have an isa pnp modem that is working under
potato, but it seems that woody doesn't take /etc/isapnp.conf to configure
the boards. Actually, one board - Awe32 - is being well configured through
the woody Isa Pnp option I enabled under xconfig.
- Is there another thing (another configuration files...) that _could_ not
work under both installations?

Thanks for ya help,

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