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Setting up a Soundblaster card

Hello fellow Debian users,
   I recently switched from Redhat 6.2 to Debian 2.2 (potato).  I
finally got all my hardware (and software) up and running nicely, with
the exception of my sound card.  I have a Creative Labs Soundblaster
16.   The card works fine under Windows 98.  I went into the Windows
control panel and printed out a system resource report.  My sound card
is located on IRQ 10.  As for the I/O ports, I got the following

0220h-022Fh  Sound Blaster 16 PCI Legacy Device
0320h-032Fh Sound Blaster 16 PCI Legacy Device
0388h-038Bh Sound Blaster 16 PCI Legacy Device
FF00h-FF3Fh Creative Sound Blaster 16 PCI

It also says I have the Microsoft MPU Audio Driver (WDM) on 0330h-0331h.
 Under the DMA Channel Usage Summary it says
(among other things)

01  Sound Blaster 16 PCI Legacy Device
07 Sound Blaster 16 PCI Legacy Device

So now I'm totally confused as to how to set up my card in Linux.  I ran
sndconfig but when I go to set the resource settings, I can't seem to
get the right combination.  It doesn't even list FF00h as one of the I/O
port addresses as an option.  I'm guessing I'm going to have to manually
configure the card.  Can somebody help me out by telling me what modules
I need to load, and what config files I need to modify, and what lines I
need to add? I've never had to manually configure a sound card before.
 Just as a side note, when I used Redhat 6.2, I ran sndconfig and chose
the es1371 sound module and the card worked without me even having to
configure anything (I sort of stumbled on this by accident -- I just
tried different cards until I found one that worked).  If somebody could
help me out with this it would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.


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