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RE: sunrpc on port 111 and domain on port 53

Port 111 is the portmapper (for NFS and other RPC services) and port 53 is
BIND (DNS).  If you're not running NSF, you really don't need the portmapper
for much (although you can protect it with TCP Wrappers), and you don't need
BIND unless you're either providing name service for a domain, or running a
caching name server for your own use.

Marc Wilson

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Subject:	sunrpc on port 111 and domain on port 53

I'm making some efforts to tighten up security on my home server. I've
been closing some services that I don't need, and after thinking I'd
cleared everything out, I did an nmap scan of the box. Everything was as
it should be except for sunrpc on port 111 and domain on port 53. I
couldn't find any packages with dpkg -l which contained any part of that
string. Plus, there is no whatis or man information.

What are those services? What packages are they kept in?

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