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XFree 4.0.1 and Quake

    I'm having problems with XFree 4.0.1, NVidia drivers (I have a TNT2 Elsa Erazor III, not available in the XF86Config), and Quake III.  Quake 3 runs fine until I try to start a game.  It load game media and all that other stuff, but as soon as I go into the real game it dumps me with a GLX error.  I compiled the garbage myself and had to do a little editing (comment out the modversions.h because it isn't in kernel 2.2.17), and after I did that it ran everything fine.  In fact, everything seems to run fine except for quake III ( and a little bit of X with the window managers and the screensavers not working.)  Anyone know anything about this or had something like it happen to them?
    Brandt Dusthimer

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