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Re: Intel 82810 chipset

hi ya culebrin...

you dont give much info about the rest of the system...

assuming its ( i810 ) on the motherboard ....

intel has its own little driver that works for the older
XFree-3.x series ...
    -- has some hints and other urls at intel to go check out

redhat-7.0 and suse-7.0 w/ Xfree-4 seems to fail to run
X11 mode properly...
	- just loaded rh-7.0 onto Intel D815EEAAL and
	X11 is miserable....( nothing....and worst still
	no virt console...
	- drop down to xfree-3.latest and it works fine...
	w/ intels XFCom_i810 driver

suse-7.0 works with xfree-3.latest too..just not xfree-4
on the D815E (svga) chip sets

and i suppose the checksum.S compile bugg with redhat-7
for linux-2.2.16 and linux-2.2.17 is just one of the many
fatal bugs already reported...

c ya
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On Sat, 14 Oct 2000, Culebrin wrote:

> Hi guys ,mi problem is mi computer have a Intel 82810
> chiset for video card and I just instaled Debian 2.1
> and my screen is only 16 colors and I can't do
> anything like use Gnome or go to Internet with
> netscape just a few things. Please Help Me I'm tired
> of Winblows. 
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