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Fwd: Re: Samba & Win 2000

At 04:44 PM 10/14/00 -0700, you wrote:
on your linux box... make sure you have  /home/<foo> exported
in /etc/exports  if you want your NT to see the linux home dir...

/etc/exports is related to NFS, nothing to do with samba

make sure /etc/smb.conf  also has  /home defined in its config file

Uhhh - why do you need /home shared via smb? I think you mean the [homes] section in /etc/samba/smb.conf

make sure you have smbd and nmbd running on the linux side

Yes - correct.

make sure tht you have fat/msdos/ntfs compatibility enabled in the kernel
if you want to read/write to/from the nt...

Nope - smbfs is what you need - its a kernel option under remote network file system. You do not need fat to read a smb share, because you're reading via SMB, not from a fat drive attached locally.

make sure you run the smbpasswd -j domain_name -r nt_server thingie tooo

To be honest - this might not work with win 2000 domains. MS have buggered it all up, and I hear that samba is forking development - one branch will focus on win2000 support.

This command tells nt_server (the PDC of the domain called domain_name) that your linux box is to join the domain and participate as a domain controller.

on the NT side.... make sure you have C:\\something defined as a share...

If theres a directory on the NT machine you want to access from the linux box then yes, otherwise you don't need to create shares on the NT side

FYI, NT workstation/server always has \\machinename\c$ as a hidden share with administrator full access. You'd need to use this command to mount a NT share into your linux filesystem

smbmount //servername/c\$ /mnt -o username=ADMINISTRATOR

the c\$ escapes the dollars sign so that the shell doesn't look for a variable.

On Sat, 14 Oct 2000, Eileen Orbell wrote:

> I have tried and tried to get Windows 2000 to see my linux box through
> Samba so I can share files etc.  But no matter what I tried I have no
> success.  Is there anyone out there who knows how to do this?


Damn psycho mail programs - sorry if its a repost :(


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