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Re: Filtering mail in Mutt

On Fri, Oct 13, 2000 at 11:47:48PM -0700, RenX99 (renx99@earthlink.net) wrote:
> I am relatively new to debian and currently I have Mutt
> set up to recieve my email.  The MTA I have running is exim
> and I am fetching mail with fetchmail.  
> Here's my problem, I get a lot of mail and need to filter it 
> into different folders but I am having problems figuring it out.
> Someone suggesting procmail but I have no clue where to start, any 
> have suggestions or ideas?

I use procmail, along with Lars Wirzenius's procmail spam filters.  You
can get both with:

    apt-get install spamfilter

Note that Lars's filters are extremely fascistic, and you can generate
bounces (and annoying "You spammed me" messages), particularly to
mailing lists.  However, it is pretty effective -- I'm automatically
catching several spam messages a day, which I didn't even realize until
I'd checked logs.  Some of the workings remain a bit of a mystery,
though I've mapped a lot of it out.

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