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Re: ypbind problem

Douglas Eck wrote:
> Anyone know if it's normal for ypbind to spawn four daemons that
> eat up 16Mb of memory? It works fine... but seems like a lot
> of overhead. I'm running woody...
> >From memstat:
>    4180k: PID  6497 (/usr/sbin/ypbind)
>    4180k: PID  6496 (/usr/sbin/ypbind)
>    4180k: PID  6495 (/usr/sbin/ypbind)
>    4180k: PID  6492 (/usr/sbin/ypbind)

since they are all reporting the exact same memory usage i'd say it is
just forks of the same program, all of th em are using 4180k combined. 
there isn't an easy way to determine memory usage for programs that
fork(that ive seen at least..) it can be confusing sometimes.


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