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RE: Suggestions for buying a modem

My modem (USR x2 flashed to v.90 56k) got burnt last week.....and I got a
replacement for it FOC...after using it for > 3 years (it has a 5 year
warranty including lightning...where I live, lightning is a norm)....within
1 week. The connection is stable as hell and it connects to the ISP between


Patrick Cheong
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Measat Broadcast Network Systems
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> Subject:	Suggestions for buying a modem
> Hi,
> It turns out that I have a lucent winmodem which will not work on Linux (
> I 
> have done around 2 weeks of research on it !!). So I have to buy a new 
> modem. Any one has any suggestions/for a cheap, good modem available in
> Best 
> Buy/Circuit City etc.? And it should work with Debian 2.2
> -Thanks,
> Shaji
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