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Compact FLASH problems

I'm having trouble getting my PCMCIA adapter working. Here's a brief
system description:

     Debian v2.2 with 2.2.17-idepci kernel
     Dell 450MHz PIII
     Actiontec PCMCIA adapter (TI PCI1225 chip on a PCI card)
     IDE harddriver on IDE bus 0
     CD-ROM & ZIP on IDE bus 1

When I plug in my Compact FLASH card into my PCMCIA adapter, I get the
following messages on the console:

     hde: SST48CF064C-B6 CompactFlash Memory Card, ATA DISK drive
     ide2 at 0x100-0x107,0x10e on irq 3
      hde:hde: lost interrupt
     hde: lost interrupt
     hde: lost interrupt
     hde: lost interrupt
      hde1 hde2
      hde:hde: lost interrupt
     hde: lost interrupt
      hde1 hde2
     hde: lost interrupt
     hde: drive_cmd: status=0x51 { DriveReady SeekComplete Error }
     hde: drive_cmd: error=0x04 { DriveStatusError }

If I try to mount the memory card, it takes several minutes (and lots of
"lost interrupt" messages) but will eventually mount. Also, any read/write
I do to the card prints out more "lost interrupt" messages.

Does anyone have any ideas what might be the problem and how I could fix

Thanks for the help,


Brian Dockter                    | Email: Brian.Dockter@am.sony.com
Sr. Member Technical Staff       | Voice: 425-771-2400
Sony Electronics, Seattle        | FAX:   425-771-2066

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