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Wanna be a Debian user...

Hi, I have been using Red Hat Linux exclusively for a little over a year
now, but feel that it is time to reinstall my system sometime soon. I
was thinking I would like to switch to Debian, but have a few questions:

1. The first thing is that I would like to install completely via ftp. I
have a CD burner, but I'm not very interested in burning a CD for one
time use if I don't have to. With RH I just have to get the network boot
disk image and boot off that and from there it gets everything else it
needs from the ftp site and path that I specify. It even sets up DHCP
for my @home cable modem configuration. I have read over the Debian
installation methods and it doesn't seem quite as easy (nor did I expect
it to be), but I just want to be clear on what must be done. As I
understand it I need a rescue disk to boot, a root disk to get the
installation started and then driver disks? base disks? Can I not go
directly to getting things off the network after booting in with the
rescue and root disks?

2. Another thing that I'm wondering about is that I would like to
install Woody rather than Potato to get all the latest packages, but
there seem to be no disks for Woody. Can I use the Potato disks and then
install Woody packages, or how does that work? Or is Woody completely
unstable at this point as opposed to "not completely stable"?

3. This isn't really related to the installation procedure, but I was
just wondering why Woody still uses XFree86 3.3.6 and not 4.0.1 (for the
video cards that are supported), or am I missing something?

Thanks for the help. -Jeff

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