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Re: Debian book

On Thu, Oct 12, 2000 at 08:02:54PM +0100, Ted Wager (twager@btinternet.com) wrote:
> Hi.
> 	Could anyone tell me if there is a definitive Debain book
> or recommend any book specific to Debian ??

I'd generally go with a few general GNU/Linux references (e.g.:
_Runnining Linux_ and _Linux in a Nutshell_ from O'Reilly), and the
Debian docs both online and at http://www.debian.org/.  There is an
O'Reilly _Learning Debian GNU/Linux_ book, but I don't particularly
recommend it.  

Surprisingly, Sams (a MacMillan imprint) has a rather good, slim,
red-spined volume on Debian which covers basic installation and
configuration.  It ships with Slink (dated), but is otherwise quite
good.  I make a habit of avoiding Sams imprints at all costs, it's a
revlation that they can actually produce a book worth the paper it's
printed on -- and then some:

Thomas Down, _Installing Debian Gnu/GNU/Linux_, Sams, (c) 11/1999,
197 Pages, ISBN: 0672317451

List Price: $24.99

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