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RE: Defrag in Win2000 no good for FIPS

I found a good defragger, and did the job.

At the end, and some way through the disk were directory entries and one
.cpl file. But the program I used allowed me to click on the sector, see
what the file or directory was, then I copied it, deleted the original and
renamed the copy.

And best of all it's FreeWare! Here's the URL: www.oo-software.com

Thanks all for your help and suggestions

Matthew Sherborne

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> From: Mike [mailto:reznaeous@earthlink.net]
> Sent: Tuesday, 10 October 2000 3:53 p.m.
> To: debian user
> Subject: Re: Defrag in Win2000 no good for FIPS
> Matthew Sherborne wrote:
> > Does anyone know of a good defrag program for plain DOS or Win2000 that
> > won't leave directory entries at the end of the drive ?
> >
> > I want to install Debian to share a Win2000 computer but, I
> can't defrag the
> > drive to shift everything to the front.
> One instance where I've heard of files refusing to be moved is
> from the swap
> files.  As far as I know the way around this is to turn off the swap in
> Windows, and then try the defrag again.
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