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Re: what's wrong with my sound card

>    My sound card is cmpci8738 .After I installed Debian 2.2 ,I recompiled the
>and the module for my sound card is installed properly when the system boots.
For weeks
>I can enjoy mp3 with mp3blaster and change volume with aumix ,but now I can not
>anything at all.The module for my sound card is still installed properly , I
can see
>it use lsmod. I only installed a few debs these days and there seems to be no
>I really confused ,may anyone give me some advices? Thanks.
>            doodler
>            debian_en@citiz.net

A couple of things you can try...

1. Try running this as root. That will tell you if it's a permission problem. I
doubt it though, since it worked before.

2. Run those apps from the command line. They will probably output some errors
that you can post to this list to better aid in debugging this problem.

3. Check you speaker connections:)


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