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Re: dhcpcd weirdness (resolution)

On Wed, Oct 11, 2000 at 11:57:11AM -0400, Andrew Whitlock wrote:
> Problem: dhcpcd wouldn't run with config files, only when configured on
> command line
> Solution: the format given in the example config file in /etc/dhcpc seems to
> either be incorrect or, at least, it doesn't work for my ISP (@home).  The
> format _given_ is as follows:
> OPTIONS='-h "(hostname)"'
> This doesn't work for me.  I have to do it this way:
> OPTIONS='"-h (hostname)"'
> So it turned out to be really simple after all.  Thanks for the responses!

    With Rogers I have to use -I for the client ID. Not sure what the
difference is from hostname, but apparently there is one.


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