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Re: Trouble installing Debian

> > Weirdness:  I took the case apart.  The hard drive is a Western Digital
> > IDE drive connected to a Promise Technology Ultra66 PCI card.  Nothing
> > is plugged into the motherboard's primary ide controller, which explains
> > why setup doesn't see it.
> Which setup?  Debian's installer or the BIOS setup utility?  If the
> latter, you should get a screen prompt for SCSI setup.  If not, find
> your system documentation and find out how to get to this.  At some
> point, you're going to be booting from SCSI and need to have this
> configured.
> > Besides the information below, Win2K also reports that there is a SCSI
> > controller:
> >
> > Promise Technology Inc Ultra 66 IDE controller (IRQ 09)

Ignore what win2k says, it's dumb. You have an IDE controller, not a
SCSI one.

> > As I am running 2.2.17, it seems it should be recognized.  The readme
> > goes on to give instructions to install the driver from floppy in 26
> > simple steps.  Is there any point in doing this if the kernel can't
> > recognize it anyway?  I am using the CheapBytes CDs.

Use the files from:
or your local mirror. They should also be on the cd (same directory).


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