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Nvi mails me <lots>

I get many e-mail messages in my mailbox like the following:

On Thu Oct  5 12:19:44 2000, the user root was editing a
file named /proc/aironet/eth0/Config on the machine sirach,
when it was saved for recovery. You can recover most, if not
all, of the changes to this file using the -r option to ex:

	ex -r /proc/aironet/eth0/Config

This is a file that is edited by a (homemade) script to activate
my wireless ethernet card. This is the script:

ex -s /proc/aironet/eth0/Config >/dev/null <<EOF
echo paswoord > /proc/aironet/eth0/SSID
ifup eth0

(which has to be run as root. 'chmod a+s'-ing the executable
owned by root doesn't seem to work).

Why? How do I prevent this?

Arnout Engelen <arnout@engelenict.com>

Debian GNU/Linux - when code matters, not commercials

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