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RE: I can't log in to tty1-6!

What you can do is type "linux s" at the LILO prompt to get you to the shell without going to the login process.
P.S.  This is my first time sending email from Outlook so if those console users get anything ugly please say so and I'll adjust my settings.  Yeah my Debian box is still off-limits. :-(
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Subject: I can't log in to tty1-6!

I turned on my computer today, and I can only log in to X, not the normal tty's.  I hanve no idea what could have happened.  When I try to log on it says
    Last login: Wed Oct 11 00:23:41 2000 on tty1
    Debian/GNU Linux 2.2 tux tty1
    tux login:
Any clues?
Cameron Matheson

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