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Re: ODP: Printer configuration on debian

When I use lpr... nothing happens.. printer is silent. That's why I'm so

Andre Berger (uzscd5@uni-bonn.de) wrote:
> Dale Morris <dlm@well.com> writes:
> > How do I configure CUPS? I'm trying to set up my printer with
> > magicfilter. I think there is a permission problem, but I'm not sure.
> > Here's where I'm at..
> > I can print using staroffice. I can't print using lp, I get the
> > following output: lp: error - no default destination available.
> > If I try to print using 'y' in mutt or slrn--doesn't work. Slrn returns
> > 'error 1'.
> Use lpr, not lp!

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