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Re: PS/2 mouse

Not a solution, I'm afraid, but I have also witnessed similar problems
lately trying to do the same thing.

X, with the appropriate pointer settings, fails to recognise the mouse.

Probably more interestingly, if I tell GPM to use the PS/2 mouse, when i
move the mouse, the console will freeze, requiring me to telnet in and
kill GPM. I use the GPM repeater for X, so I figure that getting it
working in GPM will be the first step.

I don't know about Don's mouse, but mine is a Logitech MousMan Plus,
which works fine as a serial mouse. Using Potato and a self-compiled
2.2.17 (with psaux support compiled in).

Anyone have an suggestions?



Quoth Cavaiani, Don, 
> I had Debian Linux up an running just fine - until I removed the serial
> mouse and replaced it with a PS/2 mouse.  Actually, I was playing with the
> modem COM and IRQ settings too.
> Now, the PS/2 mouse works fine when I boot into WIN98, but freezes when I
> boot into the Linux x-window (Using GNOME).  The modem dials out OK from
> linux but when I switch back to the x-window session, it freezes up and
> there is no mouse recognized.  It there a trick to setting up a PS/2 mouse
> after I originally had the serial mouse configured?
> Thanks,
> Don

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