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Re: comments on dselect...not unreasonable

On Thu, Oct 05, 2000 at 12:02:39PM -0400, Walter Tautz wrote:
> On Wed, 4 Oct 2000, Peak Allan wrote:
> > As a Debian newbie I have to say that the worst thing
> > about Debian was dselect.  It seemed to be a confusing
> > morass.  Once I got a workable system it was great,
> > and I was impressed by how easy it was to go from
> > slink to potato, but getting started was a bear.
> >                           Allan    
> I would slightly concur with your assessment of dselect but
> only in the sense that it lists simply too many packages. I 
> am not sure, but perhaps it is possible to present the various
> software types in a less verbose manner. Sort of like the slrn
> news reader where one could collapse dependency trees depending
> on the software. It would be nice to collapse certain dependency
> trees while maintaining others..
> Aside: Is there a way to display the whole dependency graph of
> all know debian packages?

i just installed <stable/potato> aptitude.

no online help, but it's pretty sensible. (u to update, + and - to
select or unselect, g to go-and-install)

> ps. I would like some constructive  assessments of Debian versus Redhat, 
> particular with respect to the initial install. Also
> comparisons between dpkg vs. rpm? Feel free to mail
> me privately so that the list is not cluttered by this topic and
> perhaps I will post a summary of responses I get. Anyone
> have any webpages on these topics?

dpkg is the precursor to apt-get, i think; either that, or apt-get
is a wrapper around dpkg. or both. for now (and apparently the near
future) debian seems to be leaning on apt* and friends, so i think
you should compare red-hat `rpm` with debian `apt*` instead of
the dusty debian `dpkg*` interface ...

i've had some friends who've had difficulties installing debian
(both slink and potato) and others who've had no trouble at all
(like me). that's INSTALL, you understand. easy as pie.

the CONFIG takes months and demands new synapses every minute,
as you rub your sandpapered eyeballs over info pages, manpages,
postscript and dvi format dox, html this and search-engine that...
the joys of inheriting a system that's been munged by thousands
(each with his own opinion) since the mid-seventies...

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