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Re: ps2pdf and LaTeX's seminar style

"Stephenson, Paul" <Paul.Stephenson@primark.com> writes:

> Douglas Bates <bates@stat.wisc.edu> wrote:
> > I have created a presentation in LaTeX using the seminar style.  I use
> > landscape orientation for the slides.  The room where I want to give
> > the presentation has a computer running Windows with Acrobat Reader
> > available.  I would like to convert the slides to PDF and use the
> > full-screen feature of Acrobat to display them.
> > 
> > My difficulty is that ps2pdf does not follow the papersize hints.  The
> > resultant PDF file is rotated 90 degrees when I try to view it.
> Just a thought: have you tried generating PDF directly from the LaTeX
> source with pdflatex?  I have no idea whether this will solve your
> problem, but it might be worth a try.

Thanks for the suggestion.  It is not easy to do that because the
seminar style uses several PostScript specials.  These would all have
to be rewritten to used pdflatex.  Also, I am incorporating PostScript
figures into the slides.  I would have to convert all of them to PDF
for pdflatex.

Another person showed me that I can do what I wish by changing the
PostScript Prolog.  Dvips produces 

%%Feature: *Resolution 1200dpi
TeXDict begin

If I modify this to 

%%Feature: *Resolution 1200dpi
TeXDict begin
  << /PageSize [792 612] /Orientation 0 >> setpagedevice

I can convert the PostScript file to PDF with ps2pdf and get the
desired orientation.

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