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RE: maximum file number

Anderson, Tim    TL33E scripsit:
>	>I will manage about 100,000,000 files in near future.
>	>How many files does one directory has?
>	>
>	>I am afraid of the performance,
>	Do you really need to store Files as such?  What kind of data are
>you keeping?   Maybe you could use a good database server instead - a
>filesystem isn't really going to handle numbers like that very well at all.

Also because.... IIRC block size is by default 4096bytes. With this
value, 10^8 files will need _at_least_ some 400Gb, without counting
superblock(s), reserved blocks, directories and so on... It seem to me
that this is a h..l of a disk, and overall an h..l of a
partition... I wouldn't like to have to wait for fdisk to scan it
after a power failure... :))  Moreover,  you'll also need 10^8
i-nodes.... I can't remember, but it seems to me that there will not be
so many i-nodes, even with a 400Gb HD (by the way,
there exist such huge disks for PCs?).  

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