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Re: printing to a windows printer

On Sun, 1 Oct 2000, David Erdman <david@erdius.net> wrote:

>i have done this in suse, and redhat but am thus far unsuccessful.
>I need to print to an HP722C (win printer) that is hooked up to windows 98 on 
>an internal lan.  looking at logs 
>Oct  1 19:31:11 ganymede pnm2ppa[1192]: No pages printed!
>Oct  1 19:31:12 ganymede lpd[1195]: cannot execv 
>Oct  1 19:31:12 ganymede lpd[1194]: lp: job could not be printed 
>Oct  1 19:31:24 ganymede lpd[1197]: cannot execv 
>Oct  1 19:31:24 ganymede lpd[1196]: lp: job could not be printed 
>Oct  1 19:52:57 ganymede lpd[1347]: cannot execv 
>Oct  1 19:52:57 ganymede lpd[1346]: lp: job could not be printed 

Your input filter script seems to be causing problems, printcap
looks ok to me.

>I configured with both printtool, and magicfilter.
>i have also installed pn2pm (or whatever the hell it is)
>my printcap is as follows
>##PRINTTOOL3## SMB ppa 600x600 letter {} {HP DeskJet 720} ppa720b1 {}
>	:sd=/var/spool/lpd/lp:\
>	:mx#0:\
>	:sh:\
>	:if=/var/spool/lpd/lp/filter:\
>	:af=/var/spool/lpd/lp/acct:\
>	:lp=/dev/null:

Not recommended. AFAIK lpd will *lock* /dev/null. You'd better
create a trash bin dedicated to lpd, eg /dev/lpnull or whatever.

Philipp Lehman <lehman@gmx.net>

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