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Re: PS/2 Mouse


What is your mail address???
Are you from Japan??  Mailheader is crypting and your host address 
does not resolve from USA.


Try disable gpm! by editing /etc/rc2.d/

I could booted from my SMP (BP-6) with this trick.
Otherwise, kernel crashed hard in my case.

Just an idea.


BTW, How is display of mutt in Japanese.  How do you enter Japnese??

>On Sun, Oct 01, 2000 at 08:32:48AM +0900, Jack Morgan wrote:
>I just installed a new motherboard. I'm running woody on the 
> only HDD. When i plug in the PS/2 mouse the system hangs 
> during the boot strap process. If I unplug the PS/2 mouse 
> it boots fine, but hangs when I use X-windows. Is this an 
> irq issue or should i reinstall?
> Thanks In Advance,
> Jack
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