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flamewar ;-? (Re: firewall (fwd))

On Sun, 01 Oct 2000 14:40:02 PDT, George Bonser writes:
>  c.  intimidated by the brain-dead idiots at ORBS

Actually, I don´t think Alan[0] is braindead. He does a quite good job, 
he just hasn´t his scripts under control[1], sometimes...
Always remember, you don´t _have_ to use ORBS, although it´s cutting 
spam about 60 % at my private server.


0: Alan Brown, he more-or-less is ORBS
1: adding multi-level-relays to the list _without_ prior notification.
2: or above.net is once again blackholing half manawatu.co.nz´s 
   netblock, and some *really braindead* parser thinks ((no 

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