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[OFFTOPIC] small fetchmail problem with popsneaker

I have no problems retrieving mail with fetchmail, but when I try to do this in conjunction with popsneaker, fetchmail issues these complaints:

(d3) Connected to postoffice.myisp.com
(d3) Disconnected from postoffice.myisp.com
fetchmail: pre-connection command failed with status 256
fetchmail: Query status=5 (SYNTAX)

the pertinent .fetchmailrc lines are:

poll mercury.myisp.net with proto POP3
  user pollywog password <mypasswdhere>
  preconnect "/usr/local/bin/popsneaker --only mercury.myisp.net"
  to pollywog

and the .popsneakerrc lines:

popserver mercury.myisp.net pollywog <mypassword>

Does anyone know what the problem might be?



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