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Helix GNOME and Debian GNOME incompatible

Hi folks, hi Peter,

I just had sawfish malfunction in a strange way: I've bound M-F10 to
Popup Window Menu.  But that suddenly stopped working... and worse,
even clicking into the window icon for the popup window did nothing.

So I investigated... reinstalling a couple things.  And, this morning,
I found it: there were updated packages for the Debian version of the
"rep" lisp interpreter which sawfish is built on.  Now I had rep from
Debian and sawfish from helix (the Debian upgrade is not installable

I removed all sawfish and rep packages, and installed the helix
versions only... and everything's back to normal.


Bye, J

PS: Peter, could you get the name change of the Helix packages done
some time soon?  Would have avoided this...

PPS: Another thing that failed was when clicking on any sawfish item
in the GNOME CC the capplet hung (using up all CPU it got).

PPPS: More details on request...

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