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Re: optimizing the hard drive? (fwd)

Krzys Majewski wrote:
> "ObeseWhale" <obesewhale@3dactionplanet.com> writes:
> > okay here goes...  UDMA66 is simply a bandwidth limit on your HD. It allows
> > your hard drive to transfer at 66 megs per second instead of UDMA33, which
> > iss 33 megs per second.  While Debian supports udma33 right out of the box
> > you have to compile udma66 support into the kernel.  However, your hard
> > drive won't transfer faster than 33 megs per second very much, so the
> > performance gain from enabling isn't as big as you might expect...  You'll
> > likely see something like a 15% gain in speed by enabling udma66.
> >
> Hm,  15% gain is  better than  nothing.. I  looked through  the kernel
> config but found no mention of udma66, where is it? -chris

quite possible u need a 3rd party patch see www.linux-ide.org


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