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Re: Dual NIC Problem

On Fri, Sep 29, 2000 at 09:05:30AM -0400,
Kimsey-Hickman, Brian <Brian.Kimsey-Hickman@comptroller.co.orange.fl.us> wrote:

> Well it sure didn't take to long to reach the limit of my knowledge. 

Heh, this is my first real crack at helping anyone, so I know how you feel.
I hope I can help you solve this. If not, feel free to call me at all hours
of the night to chew me out :)

> I could not find anything that had the a telnet 110
> line.  Sorry, I am a new user.

Sorry, I meant just run that at the prompt. That should take you into
your own mail server, should you have one running. The point of this being,
if you have telnetd running, and can't telnet in to the default port, maybe
you could telnet into another port.

> now.  Both are purely experimental at this point.  I did check the hosts
> file at it does have the machine name and IP number.  When I said I could
> ping I meant I can the IP address not the device name.

Here's where my understanding of the whole network stuff fades away :)
Are you trying to ping /dev/eth0?

Can you give me the output of netstat -rn on all of the systems?

Chaotic42 <chaotic42@pobox.com>

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