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XF86Config Problems (Help!)

OK, just went and installed Debian 2.1 yesterday (had a Workstation Install
done), then today I decided to set up XWindows. Did the command xf86config
as root, did all the setup, etc; then when I was done, decided to check
XWindows and make sure I got it setup right. I proceeded with the command
'startx' and I then get the following error:
    Config Error: /etc/x11/xf86config:507
    Clockchip IBM RGB 51x/52x (autodetected)
    Unknown Clockchip
    X connection to: 0.0 broken (explicit kill or server shutdown)

I set up everything right, the right video card, etc; Thanks in advance to
anyone who helps me out with this, appreciate it.

-Daniel Stehm
Linux Rox!
Linux rocks! :)

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