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Re: compiling software

Hm,  not  sure about  the  exact  problem  you're having,  I've  never
used  those  packages.  Getting   stuff  to  compile  can  be  tricky,
experience helps because  you start seeing the same  problems over and
over again.  There is  some theory  but usually you  only need  a 
small subset of  the theory to get stuff to compile  -- the person who
put together the package is  responsible for the rest. Normally when I
compile stuff, I read the README and INSTALL files, then do
followed by
followed, optionally, by 
make install. 
Most packages will compile this way out-of-the-box. If they don't it's
usually because
a) they can't find a .h file (compiler error), or
b) they can't find a statically linked library (linker error). 
Statically linked libraries and associated .h files usually come in 
debian packages  ending in  "-dev". Figuring out  which file  comes in
which package can be guesswork, maybe "apt-cache search" will help. 
Sometimes you already have the files, but they're in a different place
than the makefile thinks they are. For example, a .h file might be
in /usr/include rather than /usr/local/include. 

I've never  had to read a  configure script. These  things are usually
automatically generated  and I don't  mess with them. But  that's just

If you've got the time,  teaching yourself some basic programming (the
first chapter  of Kernighan and  Richie's The C  Programming Language,
2nd ed. is a good start) and  some UNIX tools like gcc and make, might
make all this more understandable. 


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