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Re: Which netscape version works?

"Neil L. Roeth" <neil@occamsrazor.net> writes:

> Using the meta packages is the way to go.  But, the meta package is
> navigator, not netscape.

No, on the contrary, the meta package is netscape-smotif-475, but it
doesn't include navigator, only communicator:

$ apt-cache show netscape-smotif-475
Package: netscape-smotif-475
Priority: optional
Section: non-free/web
Installed-Size: 7
Maintainer: Ryan Murray <rmurray@debian.org>
Source: netscape4.75
Version: 4.75-2
Depends: communicator-smotif-475, netscape-java-475, communicator-spellchk-475, communicator-nethelp-475, netscape-base-475
Conflicts: netscape-smotif-475-libc5
Architecture: i386
Size: 1206
MD5sum: 3125ad9ba58810ceab2e64c8bfce23fa
Filename: dists/woody/non-free/binary-i386/web/netscape-smotif-475_4.75-2.deb
Description: This installs a standard set of netscape programs
 This will install the static motif version of communicator(which
 includes the web browser, email, and news clients), java support,
 spell checking support(used in the email client), and online
 This package has NO files.  It only depends on other packages.
 Once you install this, and all the packages it depends on, you can
 remove it, without loosing any functionality.
 If you do not have Motif (a commercial library), then you want
 to install this version.
meta-package: yes


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