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Re: TOT: Virus reports to the list and x-envelope-to:

George Bonser wrote:
> > 1)      They're replying to the list, rather than to the x-envelope
> > sender... whats the difference between my.netvigatr.com errors and these
> > virus warnings?
> Well, NOTHING is going to send anything to any x- header address. They
> MIGHT send something to an Errors-To: header but SHOULD send to the
> envelpe sender (bounce-debian-user..blahblahblah). Seems Microsoft is
> inspecting the message body looking at From: or Reply-To: headers whis is
The case I'm looking at, from support@star.net.uk, would seem to the
fault of star's own system.  It seems to run qmail!  Their detection
system is from NAI, but I don't *think* it's doing the bouncing


Scanner 1 (NAI Virus Scan) reported the following:

/var/qmail/queue/split/0/667817_5MTX_message.txt    <====
        Found virus or variant Unsafe Script !!!
        Please send a copy of the file to Network Associates

doesn't look like Windows to me!  :-)  

I'd write support@star.net.uk, but I guess I'm not sure enough that
they're doing the wrong thing...

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