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Unidentified subject!

Subject: Re: PPP failure on the startup (serial line is looped back) 
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   of "25 Sep 2000 17:31:58 CDT." <87ya0gje75.fsf@toncho.dhh.gt.org> 
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john jabbed,

> dochawk writes:
> > What does "serial line is looped back" mean?

> It means that pppd is seeing its own LCP packets coming back.  This usually
> happens when the host on the other end wants to see more text before it
> starts pppd and is echoing everything it sees while it waits for the
> required string.  

It's happening far too fast for that--It'sa only about a second from 
my telling it to do this to failure (with the failure message hidden 
behind the blue menu screens).  There's no way that it's even dialing 
out, let alone getting through and making contacr.  

> Dial up your ISP with minicom and work through the login
> procedure by hand to see how it works (this is not a method of connecting:
> it's just research).  Post the results along with the contents of
> /etc/chatscripts/provider and /etc/ppp/peers/provider.  Munge passwords.

Can I just install the minicom deb on the raw abase system?  I thought 
that there was a problem with this (but it's been a few years; maybe 
I'm just badly mistaken . . .))


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