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Re: How do I remove/unload isapnp?

> I suspect that isapnp may be conflicting with the 5.9c ALSA drivers I'm 
> trying to load.  How do I configure the system so that I save my 
> configuration files, but isapnp doesn't run?

You can --remove the package as opposed to --purge it.
However in your case you might simply put
	exit 0
right after the
	#! /bin/sh
line in /etc/init.d/isapnp.
There are probably other/better ways to do what you want as well.
Note that the above requires you to reboot. Undoing isapnp actions without 
rebooting is probably possible but is more complicated.

> I'm hoping that ALSA can't configure the drivers because isapnp already 
> activated the card.  However, if I'm wrong, I don't want to lose the work I 
> spent configuring isapnp.

Do not know about the ALSA thing.

> Thanks in advance for your help!
> Steve Trandahl
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