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RE: OT: IRC & the ~

On 23-Sep-2000 William Jensen wrote:
> Is the ~ in front of your name in IRC due to the lack of auth installed?
> I cannot find identd anywhere with dpkg.  I've tried dpkg -l|grep iden. 
> When I had deb installed on another system I somehow picked up identd and
> I was not listed as ~ in name so that got me thinking.  Anyway, what is
> the std debian auth package? <-- assuming this is the issue?

A standard ident daemon returns the owner of a specified connection.
IRC servers use this to get your username (on your machine) when you
connect to them. 
What they do if you don't have an identd installed is totally up to them --
I can't tell you that.

Running a vanilla identd is a Bad Thing IMHO. It helps attackers identify
usernames and find out under what UIDs daemons are running (eg. if sendmail
is running as root).

$ apt-cache search --names-only identd
pidentd-des - TCP/IP IDENT protocol server with DES support.
oidentd - Replacement ident daemon
midentd - identd replacement with masquerading support.
pidentd - TCP/IP IDENT protocol server.
pidentd is the standard one

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