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Re: ISDN Login

> Where i have to store the ID and Password for a ISDN Dialup-Connection on
> Debian Potato?

Is it async PPP or sync PPP?
For sync PPP I believe but not sure that it takes a pointer from ipppd command 
line or from /etc/isdn/ipppd.ippp0 and uses either /etc/ppp/pp-secrets or 
For async PPP it uses /etc/chatscripts/{provider,what_ever_other_ISP} and 
perhaps also one of the 2 files mentioned above.

If you got sync PPP then do send me one or more of the following, because I 
have troubles setting them right:
1) The output of
	isdnctrl list all
2) option file for ipppd (/etc/isdn/*ipppd*)
3) Moderated versions of pap-secrets and chap-secrets (/etc/ppp/*-secrets). 
Which one is being used?
4) Any other info that seems relevant.

Must I have the VJ compression module if I have the slhc module?

						Thank you.

> Sven-Eric Jannasch
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